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Canada’s Property Sector Remains Financially Sound

Monday, September 7th, 2009

Canada’s continued property market success is a direct reflection of the strength of the nation’s economy. Canada with its wealthy energy sector, Canada with its affluent city centers, and Canada with its strong levels of inward migration is fuelling a booming real estate cycle with no end in sight for this particular period of property price appreciation meaning that now could well be an exceptional time to move into property in Canada .

According to the Canadian Real Estate Association, in spite of the third quarter dip, the country is heading towards its best year ever. And even if it falls short, the market hasn’t hit a serious slump in any manner.

Montreal’s Property Markets Are Thriving

Montreal right now is considered as the best city for investing in real estate in North America, drawing Asian, Middle East and European investors. Montreal has a target of 30% of new residential construction for low or modest income households. The city has an adequate number of undeveloped land that could represent some 15,000 new housing units.

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