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Life of a Real Estate Agent

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

My life in Real estate started being prepped by a senior agent with 40 years experience in the industry- saying- ‘all you need is a desk, a diary, a phone, pad and pen. Simple words from a man who wasn’t born in the new age era of computers as his desk was covered in manila folders and no modern contraption in sight.

The beginnings of real estate has made me turn on and off my emotions. I was taught that in this business you need to be a doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist and physiotherapist – the three P’s. I thought it was Present. Push, Pressure.

I asked my boss a question ‘ does that mean I have to study these things outside of work, cause I really wouldn’t have time to do real estate if that where the case. He said in reply- these skills are acquired over time with experiences from doing the job. I was thinking shit, I will have to pay for these things outside of work to be the best. Over time I realised what he was talking about was that you have to become a ‘chameleon’.

A chameleon is a flower and what they do is- Adapt to the environment, to change into various colors depending on its surroundings. Having these attributes makes you become a better agent in understanding the other person and relating with them in every way possible.

The above sounds good when you start a career in real estate and it seems to be quite a lucrative job if you only have to adapt to people by following these simple skills by becoming a chameleon. Its not as easy as you think. When you are kissing ass everyday to complete strangers drove me insane. Real Estate is a low salaried job with large commissions with no real career growth- Your here one day and gone the next.

You are only as good as your last sale, and regarded as a step up from a used car salesman. To completely understand the world of real estate you will have to think without emotion. It is a numbers game, expensive appearance industry, fake it till you make it, bending the truth, lie a bit, act like a politician, ignore help from other agents, protect your income stream, watch your back, smile and suck it in. WHAT BULLSHIT………

People come and go in Real estate and only the weak survive the hell of the profession. You have to go to hell and back to be a successful agent. Look at the Bart Doff’s, Micheal Dunn’s, Rowley Banks of the Sydney Real Estate market and you can see that they have lived a stressed life until they retire at 60. They retire on millions but never hundreds of millions. They have nervous issues, twitches, sadness and emotional problems. Do you really want to be part of the sadness or the happiness?

Their are over 30,000 real estate agents in Sydney Australia alone and from that about 1% of agents are a success- the rest struggle to make ends meet.

To be a success is too follow your dream and to highlight the memories of when you where flying high with a smile, then you know what level you are at. Clarity shows itself and that’s when you succeed and become a success.

Be true to yourself and believe in the good of your thoughts and heart and you will develop your direction in life.

The adjustments in life I had made over the past years having done this work in private has made me aware the the greatness I can give people to think outside the square and to adjust their thinking from the plain to the abstract.
This allows the artist within to enjoy making its comeback as I am totally trusting the feeling inside of me as a real eye opener to the possibilities that guide me out of the ordinary life to the extraordinary life.